Vi Agroforestry – Development cooperation with growing power

Vi Agroforestry (Vi-skogen) is a Swedish development cooperation organisation that works with support to farmers in the Lake Victoria Basin in Eastern Africa. Vi Agroforestry reaches over one million people through training and advice. One of the biggest threats to development in Africa is climate change. The unreliable rainfalls make it difficult for farmers to plan their crops. Drought and soil erosion ruin the land and crops fail. Those already vulnerable are hit the hardest.

Growing trees and several kinds of crops together, so-called agroforestry, increases families’ outputs and, with it, their income. The trees prevent erosion and bind carbon dioxide. Using a variety of techniques, farmers can convert to sustainable agriculture. Vi Agroforestry has no political or religious affiliation. We hold a 90-konto (90 account) and are members of the Swedish Fundraising Council (Frivilligorganisationernas Insamlingsråd).

Read more about Vi Agroforestry (Annual Report 2011, pdf)

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